What is this thing?

You can live better by surrounding yourself with unique and colorful design – Pulling on my years of gallery, art and design experience I wanted to create a dynamic ever evolving space to share my approach of merging art, design, and humor into everyday living. So I invite you to my PROJECT, engage, have fun, take something home and enjoy living with the unexpected and the oddly sublime.

What’s inside Project ?

The  collection is a story, always changing and available for a limited time, with a focus on unique and small edition items from artists around the globe.

Artwork – My friend Jen said it best, "living with art is good for you"

Prints – The best way to affordably collect as much art a possible

Objects – The unexpected is best, maybe functional or maybe just fun

Pens, Pencils, and Cards – Write more and do it with a pen that makes you smile

Vessels – You have stuff, don't put it in something boring

Vintage Items – Sometimes you have to look to the past

Soft Goods – Shit day? Curl up with a blanket and get
your relax on in style

Pins  – Your jacket is cute but liven it up

Books – Never trust anyone without books in their home

Accessories – Don't be boring and no it is never too much look

Where is Project?

Our main home is right here on the website. Brick and mortar pop-ups occur a few times throughout the year at varying locations in the Phoenix area, and Project takes part in a variety of events and markets across the Southwest. The office is located near downtown Phoenix in the McKinley Club. The office is not open regular hours but is available for pick ups and showings by appointment. 

Need help finding the right spot for your things, or need to create a new space for your collections? 

We offer full range of interior design services. 

Who is this Jeffrey dude?

Jeffrey Teuton is an art maker, designer, curator, writer and professional rascal. He was director of the Jen Bekman Gallery on New York’s Lower East Side, a panelist for Jen Bekman Projects’ world renowned Hey, Hot Shot! competition and a part of the curatorial team of Bekman’s print e-commerce arm 20x200. He has curated more than fifty exhibitions over his time at the gallery and as an independent curator.

Joining the staff of the interior design and architecture firm PHANOMEN/design in 2015 he has worked to help create an award winning portfolio of top tier hospitality and luxury residential projects from coast to coast.

As a practicing artist with a gallery and art fair exhibition history across the United States and Europe, Teuton is represented by Birds+ Richard in both Berlin and Albuquerque. His first book of poetry, Collected Writings, was published in 2013. Jeffrey loves cabinets of curiosity, especially those involving shells, bones and rocks and and an avid collector of artwork across all media.